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(with Gert Jan Hofstede) Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind
2nd Edition, 436 pages. New York: McGraw-Hill USA, 2005.
Полностью переписанная и обновленная версия книги 1997 года для студентов и всех остальных.
Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations, 2nd Edition 596 pages. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage Publications, 2001.
An entirely re-written version of the 1980 scholarly book in which I first exposed my theories. 60% of the literature reviewed is from after 1980. 
(with Gert Jan Hofstede - first author- and Paul B. Pedersen) Exploring Culture: Exercises, Stories and Synthetic Cultures. 234 pages. Yarmouth, Maine: Intercultural Press, 2002, paperback. ISBN 1-877864-90-0.
A source book for intercultural trainers and their committed students, based upon my approach to national culture differences.
(GH and associates) Masculinity and Femininity: The Taboo Dimension of National Cultures 238 pages. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage Publications, 1998, hardcover ISBN 0-7619-1028-X; paperback ISBN 0-7619-1029-8.
Half reader, half monograph. Eight short chapters describing research on the subject by Michael H. Hoppe, Willem A. Arrindell, Marieke de Mooij, Deborah L. Best & John E. Williams, Evert van de Vliert , Jacques H.A. van Rossum, Mieke Vunderink and Johan Verweij. Four longer chapters by me: An introduction and consequences for gender roles, sexual behavior and religion. 
Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind
279 pages. New York: McGraw-Hill USA, 1997, ISBN 0-07-029307-4
Earlier published by McGraw-Hill UK, London 1991. Various other paperback editions. Now obsolete, replaced by revised edition 2005, see above.
Uncommon Sense about Organizations: Cases, Studies and Field Observations 299 pages. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage Publications, 1994, hardcover ISBN 0-8039-5366-6; paperback ISBN 0-8039-5367-4. A collection of 17 different chapters around the topics: I. The impact of jobs on people; II. Power and control in organizations; and III. Studies in training settings. All chapters are based on my own research, and all present counter-intuitive outcomes. Chapters are suitable for classroom use in a course of Organizational Behavior.

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Geert Hofstede.  Cultural consequences: International differences in work-related values. Abridged edition. // Sage, ????

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